Hi there!
The name is Samantha! Well, most of my friends call me Sam, but as I often tell them, I LOVE to see my full name written😊 So…I guess this is the part where I Share with you what this space will be about.

Well, on with it. I love Jesus. That is the most important thing you will ever know about me and as you can imagine this very thing drives everything that I do…and write about. I originally thought I really enjoyed writing about fashion too, but turns out I’m much more concerned with sharing Jesus with you than I am my Ootd.

Jesus  has changed my life in a way that I can’t begin to express and He continues to show me glimpses of His grace-which is a never ending thread thats interwoven throughout my life. In the last few years I’ve been on a pursuit of living intentionally and honestly as I share openly my walk with the Lord. My hope for this space is to make room for you (and me) to be authentic in our joys, struggles, and confusions in life. I don’t believe I’m an open book, but I am a book that you will have to pick up and flip the pages to get insight into who I am. I’d love to put fort the same amount of effort in getting to know you. Let’s journey together?

Some random facts about me: I was born in Gabon (go look it up). I have a heart for counseling and seeing people freed to love Jesus more. Weddings are my favorite parties, sour patch kids are my favorite candies, and laughing til it hurts (even if it’s at myself) just soothes my soul :-).

***threads OF grace***